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I've been tagged by this gal:

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So, seven random and/or weird things:

On my mother's side I'm descended from Scottish cannibals.

My husband's most recent memorable quote: You can be Isis, I'll be Shazam!

Last weekend I made Miss Verba's Pimiento Cheese, from Frank Stitt's Southern Table. It's like that that crumbly sharp cheese that comes in those red plastic tubs, but more complex and creamy and seriously delicious.

In high school, rather than voted "girl most likely to succeed," I was "shy girl." I think it was a category made up that year just for me. Horrible. In retrospect though, perhaps a great push towards sociability. That said, I still blush fiercely and uncontrollably and have a hell of a time committing seven random or weird facts about myself to blog-dom.

I love mackerel, and pickled herring, and sardines on toast.

When I was seventeen I worked as a nanny in Finland. A rather terrible nanny, to two rather lovely boys, Tatu and Elias. I can still say "orange juice," and "go to sleep" in Finnish. (I just can't spell it.) I also ate. A lot. (I gained twenty-five pounds in four months. I'm not exaggerating). Cheese for breakfast? Yes, please. Karelian pastries, and liver casserole, and Pulla, and strong coffee, and Fazer Geisha chocolates? Heady stuff for a homesick teenager.

When I was a kid we lived in Santa Barbara for a year, and I met people who actually believed that in Canada we all lived in igloos.


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