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Beautiful piece in the nytimes today by Susan Morgan, on the Rodarte sisters.

A few of their past and present inspirations include:

- the “Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death,” Frances Lee Glessner’s miniature forensic crime scenes from the 1940s
- the soon-to-be-discontinued “eosin pink,” a color derived from fluorescent red dye named for Eos, the goddess of dawn and commonly used in laboratory procedures
- earth art of the 1960s and ’70s and Robert Smithson’s displaced mirrors reflecting and fracturing the natural world
- Nancy Holt’s “Sun Tunnels,” four industrial concrete tubes punctured with holes in the patterns of constellations, in a remote Utah field
- “Suspiria,” the 1977 film by the baroque horror-maestro Dario Argento
- “The Rainbow Goblins,” an extravagantly illustrated 1970s fairy tale about seven imps who prowl the countryside and devour the colors of the rainbow

I need to have these fine ladies for dinner...

And great photos of their work by Autumn de Wilde.