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Franklin Street Studio Sale

Franklin Street Studio Sale


Last holiday/craft/celebration sale of the season, this Saturday December 15th from noon to 6 pm, at the Franklin Street Studios, 1654 Franklin Street in Vancouver (near Hastings and Commercial).

Here's some things you might see at this years sale:

-most festive dollar store foil decorations
-things made by us!
-flowers by Daisy (check out those striped carnations!)
-cute girls in toques/tuques/touques and Palmistry Hand dresses. Also we will have ONE LAST PALMISTRY HAND DRESS at this sale. Get it before it's gone!
-a glimpse of last year's calendar in an actual working artist's studio

Also, fabulous things from all of these super talented people including natural deodorant and body care, foot tapping tunes, WINE, the best raincoats (how apt) and ceramics galore. Instagram tags too, if you want to see more:

Banquet Atelier - prints and cards and textiles @banquetworkshop
Osei Duro - Clothing @oseiduro
A/I Studio (Joji Fukushima) - wood @a_divides_i
Dina Gonzalez Mascaro - sculpture jewels @dinagm or @monument.love
Glasnost Workshop - Rain Gear  @glasnostworkshop
Su Foster - Engraving/Jewelry  @sufoster
Marnie Burton - Jewelry @marnieburtonjewellery
A Sunday in August - Wine @asundayinaugust
Zoe Kreye - baked goods? or something! - @zoe_cry
Nectrous - Soaps and body gear - @nectrousbotanicals
Erin Templeton - Leather Bags @erintempleton
Scrunchie warehouse - scrunchies @scrunchiewarehouse
Emily - ceramics @emilysheppardart
Steven Brekelmans - ceramics @Steven.brekelmans
Justine Gabias - ceramics and leather @justinegabias
Meg Hubert - ceramics @goodgrief
Michelle Nguyen - ceramics and? @dirtymuttdaddy
Jen Weih - scents - @osmics_etc
Clothtone - weaving @clothtone
Natalina - those big beautiful calendars!  @fornewlook
Caroline - indigo, clothing @carolineballhorn
Old Fashioned Standards - waxed canvas @oldfashionedstandards
Fibre Manipulator- Jewellery, Candles & Bath Salts @fibremanipulator
Edible Projects - @edibleprojects
Literal Readings - tarot @lrclark
Penny - embroidery @pennstagam
Debbie - stationary, hats, cards t-shirts @theplanetsun
Cracherdanslasoupe - scents! @cracherdanslasoupe
Julia Chirka - ceramics @chateaudejulz

Musical djs will be Nick Krgovich @nicholaskrgovich and Ian Prentice @I.prentice

This is a group of incredibly talented and hard-working individuals, and an amazing community that we feel privileged to be a little part of, so if you can come celebrate the season with us all!