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epimedium lilafee

Epimedium 'Orangekonigin'

Growing Epimediums is a newfound passion around here, and having a few special ones in pots we can bring close to the back window has guaranteed the opportunity to really enjoy their tiny fairy blossoms.

Each leaf starts small and unfurls to coppery goodness, some downy with fine hairs, others mottled rust and lime. When the dainty blooms rise up above the green they seem at first to be quite negligible until suddenly the petals explode, some quadrupling in size and bouncing on tiny stems for weeks at a time. They seem quite happy in their terracotta pots, with a little extra water to make sure they thrive, and once the show is over we will tuck them in a dappled corner until the cycle begins again. These are E. grandiflora 'Lilafee' and Epimedium 'Orangekonigin' and the beginning of what we fear to be a grand obsession.