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currently, i can't seem to stop braising baby artichokes
which, while a drag to clean, are turning out delicious.

you peel off most of the thick outer leaves of a dozen or so small artichokes, chop off the top third of the flower bud, peel and trim the stem, then quarter or halve them, scraping out any thistly flower you see (you can often skip this if they are small enough). sometimes i rub the cuts with lemon, but they darken when you cook them, so it's often wasted energy.

then soften some chopped onion, garlic and thyme in olive oil for a few minutes, throw in the artichokes, season and give them a gentle stir. leave for a couple of minutes, then add some white wine (less than a glass, more than a splash) and an equal amount water, and slap on a lid. cook over low heat for twenty minutes or until tender.
(i cook them in a much loved 'french oven,' but any heavy bottomed pot with a lid will do.)

then i stir in some chopped mint leaves and a squeeze of lemon, or an extra splash of good extra virgin olive oil. preserved lemon slices are great too, as are olives.