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2012, here goes:

  • a night swim. i didn't swim at night ONCE last year. a travesty. i need stars and phosphorescence.
  • sunscreen every day.
  • get a haircut.
  • eat fresh mozzarella and grilled peaches and broccoli raab with sausage and rainier cherries and blood orange juice and scalloped potatoes and tiny currant tomatoes and finnish cardamom bread and good coffee and roast beef and yorkshire pudding and bruschetta almost any way and those tiny white alpine strawberries.
  • make good work.
  • walk under tall trees on thick moss.
  • paint more.
  • raise happy and confident doers.
  • eat thick greek yoghurt and tagines and grilled fish and izakaya and oriechette and nice wine and lots of mint and paella cooked over hot coals in the backyard and pear gelato and thin green beans and home made granola and porchetta sandwiches and cavalo nero any which way.
  • edit better.
  • make my own luck.
  • count my blessings regularly (and there are many).
  • wear pink and/or leopard as neutrals.
  • quilt.
  • be fearless in love and life.

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